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Tzen 38_1_3webGeneral contacts:

If you would like information about Tzen’s workshops or to schedule a private session for counseling or energy work, please use the local contact information on the schedule page.

Tzen in your community:

Tzen regularly travels to places where there is an active community of students. If he receives a specific invitation Tzen will also give workshops in new locations. To find out how to bring Tzen to your community,  please use these contacts:

  • Metro DC/NY/NJ, Mid-Atlantic or web site questions, contact: Xokiawitl (Barbara): 908-251-2125
  • EAST of the Mississippi, contact: MatlakYeiKualli (Anne): 207-874-2884
  • WEST of the Mississippi, contact: YeiOtzomahtli (Linda): 505-480-4398
  • Massachusetts  contact: Tlatzolkalli (Michelle): 413-259-5048

Ketzal Energy Work:

The following practitioners are authorized to provide Ketzal Energy Work in the U.S.:

Matlakyeikualli (Anne), Portland ME, 207-874-2884, email: akoch1 [at] maine.rr [dot] com

Matlakwauhtli (Marcy), Bristol VT, 802-349-8709, email: mkmayforth [at] gmail [dot] com

Tlatzolkalli (Michelle), Amherst MA, 413-259-5048, email: tlatzolkalli [at] gmail [dot] com

Tlatzolteotl (Vickie), Placitas, NM, 505-867-1588, email: vmpeck [at] gmail [dot] com