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About Tzen

Tzenwaxolokwauhtli Tzatzoehetzin

Tzenwaxolokwauhtli TzatzoehetzinTzenwaxolokwauhtli Tzatzoehetzin is a Tetzkatlipoka physician and instructor of the Mexican Traditional Medicine System, Wewepahtli (Great Healing).

Translated from the Nahuatl his name means “The spiral movement of the eagle that generates unity,” and “The container for the fluidity of the wind.”

Tzen was born in southern Mexico into a family within the Tetzkatlipoka Tradition. He has received extensive training in the arts and sciences preserved by the Tradition.

Due to the significant work Tzen has developed in the Wewepahtli system of medicine, he has been recognized as Pahtemaxtianitl (Carrier of the Medicine System) and vested with the responsibility of heading the Medicine Counsel of the Tetzkatlipoka Tradition. In addition, he is responsible for the preservation the Wewepahtli system, healing knowledge passed on from parents to children and from instructors to apprentices.

He has been entrusted with the duty to lead ceremonies of the Tetzkatlipoka Tradition both publicly and privately. He has been designated Toteopixkeh (Our Selector of Energy) for his performance in discharging this obligation.

Tzenwaxolokwauhtli devotes a substantial portion of his time instructing new generations in Tetzkatlipoka ceremonies, medicine, the calendar system and other relevant characteristics of the ancient culture. For his exemplary work and continuity in the transmission of knowledge, he has been recognized as Totlawilli (Our Light). In 2015 he was acknowledged with the position of Tlamatini.

Since 1995, Tzenwaxolokwauhtli has shared his expertise and knowledge from the Tetzkatlipoka Tradition and of the Wewepahtli system of medicine in South America and the United States, primarily through lectures and workshops.

Tzen has been guest lecturer at various academic institutions including the University of New Mexico, the University of Southern Maine and Harvard University.