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June 16, 2011 1:54 am    |    by Barbara Kerr

Tzen and studentWorkshops provide a unique opportunity to work closely and learn from a master teacher about the sophisticated philosophies and practices developed and refined over thousands of years by the Tetzkatlipoka Tradition.

Each workshop is unique and may cover a wide range of topics. The direction flows from the energy of the individuals attending and shaped around the questions asked rather than having predetermined subject matter. Beyond an analytic approach students also receive teachings on all levels including the energetic level.

A typical weekend workshop might range from giving and receiving hands-on energy work to discussing how the calendar system can be used as a daily guide, and from learning practices to help quiet a busy mind to exploring concepts about the nature of the cosmos. New attendees may have the opportunity to learn about KETZALXIUHTEOTL, the energy medicine preserved by the Tradition that can be used for self-health and, in time, for the benefit of friends and family.

All levels of students, including children, attend the same workshop together. In any session a first time participant will meet students who have been practicing for many years, a encounter that can lead to a rich experience. Weekend workshops typically are planned for all day on Saturday and a half day on Sunday. The NAWI OLLIN TEOTL system is used as the method of teaching and understanding these lessons.

For those looking for a complete path or simply to learn some self-healing techniques, please come with your questions, whether personal or universal.