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June 21, 2011 8:27 pm    |    by Barbara Kerr

The medicine system of the Tetzkatlipoka Tradition is called WEWEPATHLI, meaning Great Medicine. It encompasses sophisticated health maintenance practices and a healing philosophy developed over more than 9,000 years.

It includes all forms of traditional medicine developed through experience, observation and continuous practice since ancient times. Everything is medicine: food, art, laughter, color, sound. And WEWEPAHTLI also includes more commonly understood therapies that employ herbs, energy work, therapeutic massage, talk therapy, exercise and TEMATZKAL (sweat lodge).

For example, two systems of healing are KETZALXIUHTEOTL (Beautiful Brilliant Energy, Ketzal Energy Work) and TLAWAYOTL (The Heart Generates the Earth).

The TLAWAYOTL system is maintained and cared for by the KWAUHTLINXAN family. It was through their teaching that Tzen learned this system. In the same way, the TZATZOEHETZIN family is responsible for the Ketzal Energy Work system.

Tzenwaxolokwauhtli Tzatzoehetzin is the Carrier of the Medicine System in this Tradition and foremost public teacher and practitioner of Ketzal Energy Work.


For a list of practitioners who are authorized to provide Ketzal Energy Work in the U.S., please to go the Contact page.