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Now available:

The Aztec Calendar, Nitrogen and Life

Comparing and Contrasting the Tetzkatlipoka Tradition with Contemporary Science
By Tzenwaxolokwauhtli Tzatzoehetzin & Vickie M. Peck, Ph.D. (Tlatzolteotl)



Bilingual edition: Español / English

The purpose of this book is to serve as a bridge between knowledge and perspectives of the Continuing Tetzkatlipoka Tradition and contemporary science. – Tzen

Throughout this book, we mapped differently scaled phenomena onto the Mexihka Calendar and the Nawi Ollin Teotl system, including the cosmos, the Earth, human civilization, a human life cycle, the nutritional system of the Tetzkatlipoka Tradition, DNA and the amino acids. Thus, the patterns at the center of Mexihka Calendar and Nawi Ollin Teotl can act as a guide for exploring relationships between parts and their whole, of both energy and matter. (p. 266)





From the back cover:
“I want to provide an accurate written introduction to the rich legacy of empirically-based health practices of the Continuing Tetzkatlipoka Tradition. It is my wish that these ancient practices for health can be strategically combined with selected contemporary technologies to provide a synergistic palette for maintaining health and facilitating healing.

“I have attempted to draw attention to stories held in common between the Continuing Tetzkatlipoka Tradition and contemporary science that may indicate shared perspectives about the origins of our cosmos and about life itself.

“There are complex decisions with serious consequences that must be made and implemented in order to steer a productive path toward a sustainable human presence on this planet. I feel that the time-tested Tetzkatlipoka practices are well-suited to aid people seeking to be conscious human beings to determine priorities, chart a course and provide leadership in a world hungry for health, wisdom and a renewed sense of purpose and community.”

– Vickie M. Peck, Ph.D. (Tlatzolteotl)


Publication: 2019
301 Pages, with glossary
Color illustrations
Weight: 2 pounds (Exact: 31 ounces | 879 grams) without packaging.

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